Homeowner Information

Full Name   Email  
Phone   Customer City San Antonio
Customer State Texas Customer Country United States
Survey Type EMAIL End Date 29-Nov-2016 12:53:41 AM
Brand of Unit Serviced/Installed Trane    

Work Event Details

Work Type INSTALL Work Completion Date 11/15/2016

Overall Key Measures

Overall Satisfaction (Original Survey Only) Very Satisfied 10 Likelihood to Contact Dealer in Future (Original Survey Only) Very Likely 10
Likelihood to Recommend Dealer (Original Survey Only) Very Likely 10 Likelihood to Recommend Brand (Original Survey Only) Very Likely 10
Individual CSI 100 Individual NPS - Dealer Promoter
Individual NPS - Brand Promoter Ease of Doing Business Extremely Easy
Value Felt From Dealer Doing Business With You Extremely Valued Meeting Needs Met all of my needs
Individual CXI 100    

Dealer Meeting Homeowner Expectations - Scheduling/Quoting

Ease of Contacting Representative Exceeded Expectations 10 Friendliness of Representative Answering Phone Exceeded Expectations 10
Ability to Schedule Convenient Appointment Exceeded Expectations 10 Understood Needs/Offered Best Solution Exceeded Expectations 10
Product Knowledge/Able to Answer Questions Exceeded Expectations 10    

Dealer Meeting Homeowner Expectations - Appointment

Arrived On Time Exceeded Expectations 10 Appropriate/Professional Attire Exceeded Expectations 10
Explained System Operation/Maintenance Exceeded Expectations 10 Explained Equipment Registration/Warranties Exceeded Expectations 10
Professional/Courteous Communication Exceeded Expectations 10 Communication On Status of Service Exceeded Expectations 10
Completed Work in Timely Manner Exceeded Expectations 10 Kept Home Clean/Removed Trash Prior to Departure Exceeded Expectations 10
Completed Work with Minimal Interruptions Exceeded Expectations 10 Dealer Service Team Excellent 10

System Quality & Maintenance

Equipment Quality Excellent 10 Equipment Quality Met Expectations Yes

Finding & Selecting a Dealer or Brand

Reasons for Selecting Dealer

Dealer had a Competitive Price


Dealer sold (Brand) Products

Dealer was Friendly/Trustworthy

Dealer was Knowledgeable

Method Finding Dealer

Internet Search (e.g., Brand website, Google)


Other Method Finding Dealer Angie's List   Reasons for Selecting Brand




Other Reasons for Selecting Brand Prior experience      

Homeowner Comments

What Dealer Should Continue to Do

Communication, helping customers understand their options, competitive pricing and excellent service.

Any Outstanding Needs No