Heater Replacement

What Is The Best Heater System For My Home?

When selecting a new heating system for your home or business, three main factors need to be considered:

  • SEER Rating – SEER is the rating system used to determine the efficiency of HVAC products. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient a product will perform and the greater the energy savings the owner will experience.
  • Size – Just as you wouldn’t outfit a California king bed with twin sheets, your heater should have the capacity to quickly and steadily heat your home. It’s important to note that bigger isn’t always better. Systems that are too large will heat your space too quickly, leading to uneven heating, or cold zones.
  • Quality and longevity – A new HVAC system is not only a large purchase but an important one as well. You’ll want to ensure that you’re protecting your purchase by buying a brand name product that you can trust will keep your home comfortable for at least a decade, if not two.

At Air Systems, we’re not interested in selling you the most expensive products. Rather, we’re going to take our time to inspect your home or office and work with you to make an informed suggestion that works within your budget and home comfort goals.